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Sling Cooler Bag

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A practical and convenient multifunction cooler bag that’s perfect for storing breast milk and milk bottles.

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A cooler bag that’s perfect for storing your pumping essentials and breast milk. It comes with two insulated compartments for storing breast milk and maintaining milk temperature. Whether its to the mall or the office, this cooler bag is a practical choice for the breastfeeding mama.

• Waterproof
• Comfortable handle
• Can be used as a sling or tote bag
• High quality zipper that is easy to open and close
• Durable combination of high quality nylon and leather

How to Use

Put the breast pump in the top compartment and neatly fold your cables in a mesh bag. In the bottom compartment, place an ice pack for breast milk storage.


Color Gray and Tosca
Dimension 23x23x17 cm
Materials Nylon Outer Material and synthetic leather Balloon Parachute Lining


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