Mama’s Choice is committed to giving Mamas peace of mind and empowering them to make the best choices during their early motherhood journey. We believe that all Mamas should have access to personal care and treatment products that are safe for them and their little ones right from the first trimester – and that this should neither be challenging nor expensive.

That’s why we’ve spoken with over 13,000 Mamas in surveys, focus groups, and home panels to ensure that our products are thoroughly designed to suit Mamas needs. We hold ourselves to a high standard of testing and transparency for all of our products, which are and always will be

Our Commitment

We provide open and honest reporting on all the ingredients found in our products.

FDA Approved

Our products comply with the Food and Drug Administration, ensuring the safety, efficacy, and purity of our products.

Free of hazardous chemicals

We have zero tolerance for harmful and irritating chemicals such as parabens, triclosan, phthalates, alcohol, fluoride, and sodium lauryl sulfate.

Tried, tested, and proven

Our products are tested in independent labs in Singapore to ensure that they pass stringent tests for heavy metal and microbial contamination, and are safe to use before, during, and after pregnancy.

Naturally safe ingredients

We only use expertly selected ingredients derived from nature. Additionally, all products are certified halal by MUI in Indonesia.

Our unique formulations are developed with ingredients of the best quality – derived from nature and clinically-proven to be safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. A full ingredients list can be accessed on every product page.

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Our team

Duri Granziol

CEO of Mama’s Choice

Duri is the CEO of Mama’s Choice, leading the company and determining the strategy for achieving our simple yet massive mission: to provide safe and natural products for all mums.

Formerly the CEO of one of the largest E-commerce companies in Indonesia, he is keenly aware of the need to create top quality products for mothers that they can get easily, quickly, and affordably. As Mama’s Choice moves into this space, Duri proudly helms a team that works tirelessly and passionately to ensure that the best products we can make reach as many Mamas as we dream possible.

Carla Perlas

VP of Communications at The Parentinc

Awarded as one of LinkedIn’s 100 Most Influential Filipino Women in 2021 and 2022, Carla embodies the work-life balance principle and takes it to a new level by having her personal and professional life complement each other. She brings with her more than two decades of experience in media and in-depth knowledge in strategy, partnerships, and editorial operations. As a mother of two, Carla loves to challenge herself in the kitchen, and deems her culinary experiments a success when the kids eagerly try them.

Frances Ang

General Manager Operations - Emerging Markets at The Asian Parent Philippines

Frances has more than 15 years of experience in marketing, events management, brand management and social media. She was formerly based in Singapore and was part of a regional digital agency. Prior to that, she was a magazine publisher for several titles under the Food, Shelter and Entertainment categories. A mother to twins, Frances is also a passionate food and lifestyle blogger for over a decade.

Hanna Ramos

Content Marketing Manager for Mama’s Choice Global

As a Broadcast Journalism graduate, Hanna has a strong heart for content creating. From copywriting, editing to producing content, she has shown solid experience in navigating social media, print and the web. Driven by dedication and enthusiasm, Hanna is known for her ever-flowing with industry insights and creative content executions.


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