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2in1 Body Care Expert Series

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We understand, during pregnancy & after giving birth, that many mothers feel insecure and even less confident with their skin and body. But our 2in1 Body Care Expert Series is here for the rescue!

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Pregnancy & childbirth demands a lot from your skin and body. Growing belly, itchy skin, and sore nipples – all in a day’s work. That’s why Mama’s Choice came up with a series of safe, halal, and natural skin treatments to help get glowing & healthy skin during and after pregnancy.

What’s inside our 2in1 Body Care Exper Series Bundle?

  • Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Cream
    Experience a soft and smooth belly without stretch marks with Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Cream! Enriched with Lypobelle Soyaglicone and Aloe Vera, it is more effective for skin tightening than regular stretch mark creams. Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Cream is also able to reduce itching on body parts that are prone to widening such as the stomach, thighs, arms, hips, and calves. Use at least twice a day to notice results in as fast as 2 weeks!
  • Mama’s Choice Intensive Nipple Cream
    Pain and soreness while breastfeeding? Don’t be afraid anymore because now you can face it with Mama’s Choice Nipple Cream. This Breastfeeding Cream is made from date extract which can effectively soothe, soften, and hydrate problematic skin due to direct breastfeeding or pumping.

How to Use

Stretch Mark Cream

Massage onto your growing belly and other affected areas every morning and night. Always massage in a circular motion to promote blood flow.

For optimal effects, begin applying the cream from the second trimester of pregnancy and continue until at least 6 months after pregnancy. For other forms of stretch marks, use twice daily for 6-8 months.

Tip: Avoid applying cream on the nipple area while breastfeeding

Intensive Nipple Cream

Clean your breast with a soft cloth after feeding. Carefully apply a pea-sized amount to the entire nipple area after each breastfeeding session.

For best results, use it as part of your breastfeeding routine to prevent cracked nipples.

Key Ingredients


Lipobelle Soyaglycone

Derived from green peas, this naturally hydrating ingredient enhances collagen production and improves skin elasticity and smoothness.

Aloe Vera

Excellent moisturizer that soothes and relieves itchy skin. Naturally rich in Vitamin A and E, magnesium and zinc.

Date Palm

Renowned for its antioxidant and anti-aging properties, it soothes and hydrates sore and cracked nipples.

Coconut Oil

An edible oil known for its hydrating properties. As a natural emollient, it moisturizes dry and stressed skin.


Stretch Mark Cream Volume 100ml
Intensive Nipple Cream 15ml


5.03 reviews
  1. Miggy


    Ang smooth sa skin upon applying nitong product na to. I recommend this to all preggy like me to prevent having a stretch marks.

  2. Heya

    No wonder this is their best seller

    Believe me it works! Just make sure to use it regularly and of course consistently. Every product is no miracle product but if you use it consistently it gives you results! Will definitely buy again

  3. Belen

    Excited to try this out!

    I got them because of the great reviews! It’s also affordable compared to other creams in the market. Hoping these work.

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