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Adjustable Maternity Pants

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Mama’s Choice Adjustable Maternity Pants can be used despite significant body changes during pregnancy.

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No need to panic looking for comfortable and safe maternity pants during your pregnancy! Mama’s Choice Adjustable Maternity Pants frees Mama from excessive sweating & sensitive skin, with designs and materials specially designed for Mama. Activities are more comfortable and happier every day.

  • Convenient to use at home and outdoors
  • Material has good sweat absorption – made from polyester, rayon, and spandex
  • Soft, thick and quality material, with a cool effect when used
  • Elastic and not easy to stretch, can be used for a long time starting from small pregnancy, big pregnancy, to postpartum
  • With additional elastic waistband, so that the level of tightness does not press the stomach
  • Simple and stylish appearance, making the body free to move and walk


Colors Terracotta, Navy


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