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Body Shaper Breathable Corset

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Regain your body shape with Mama’s Choice Body Shaper Breathable Corset that helps to shrink your belly faster, visibly flatten the stomach area, and reduce... back pain.

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Do you need a little help to get your body back after giving birth? Mama’s Choice Body Shaper Breathable Corset helps to shrink your belly faster, visibly flatten the stomach area, and reduce back pain. Made from a soft, non-abrasive material, our corset is breathable and comfortable enough to wear every day as part of your postpartum recovery process.

  • Helps shrink the stomach and hip area
  • Effectively suppresses belly fat for a flatter and slimmer-looking stomach
  • Helps reduce back pain and improve body posture
  • Easily adjustable with 3-column hook latches
  • Convenient for daily use
  • Made from breathable material
  • Suitable for postpartum use whether normal or caesarean delivery

How to Use

  1. Loop the corset around the waist, with the plain side on the inside and the side with hooks on the outside
  2. Select the hook column according to the body size and attach the hooks one by one
  3. Go about your day while the corset works to repair and restore your body shape


Colour Black, Nude
Size M, XL


10.5 reviews
  1. Jacky (verified owner)


    What you get is exactly like in their pictures. Very comfortable, yet can offer good support! So happy with this purchase.

  2. Angeliza (verified owner)


    At first, It looked intimidating pero super breathable at comfortable. It helps me support my back which is a big plus! Highly recommend to all mommies.

  3. Hazel (verified owner)


    Comfortable and I can go the whole day wearing it. Great purchase! Also looks seamless under my clothes too.

  4. Ailyn (verified owner)


    This is very reasonable for its price. It’s comfy and high quality, unlike yung iba na mumurahin lang, plus ramdam mo talaga na pumapayat yung tummy mo!

  5. Camille (verified owner)


    I thought this corset was going to be stiff and tight, but it’s actually very comfortable and breathable. I can wear this all day long and not worry about having to stop wearing it from time to time, plus effective talaga siya in shrinking my stomach and improving my posture.

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