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Postpartum Care Bundle

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Postpartum is no walk in the park for new & experienced mamas. Ease into a new chapter with Mama’s Choice Postpartum Care Bundle, products that... support you and your baby’s needs.

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Postpartum is no walk in the park for new & experienced mamas. Ease into a new chapter with Mama’s Choice Postpartum Care Bundle, products that support you and your baby’s needs.

What’s in Mama’s Choice Postpartum Care Bundle?

Postpartum Adjustable Corset

For you, Mama. Made from soft material that won’t chafe your skin, our corset will help support your uterus postpartum as it shrinks back to its pre-pregnancy size. This also helps bring back your confidence by slimming the abdomen and redefining your waistline. This adjustable corset helps reduce back pain and is comfortable enough to use for long periods of time. Because of its velcro enclosure, you can easily wrap the corset to your liking and ensure a snug, comfortable fit.

  • Choose from 2 available colors: black and cream
  • Size (width x length): 23.5×105 cm / 9×41 inches

⚠️ For mamas who gave birth via C-section, consult your doctor and ensure your stitches are healed before using our adjustable corset.

Breast Milk Collection Shells

For your little one. Safe and environmentally friendly collection shells that keep your clothes dry and prevent milk from leaking. Our shells hold up to 20 ml of breast milk while allowing you to move around freely without the worry of spills and leaks. Made only of the safest materials for you and your baby. Keep every ounce because we know it counts.

  • Made of food-grade quality liquid silicone
  • BPA free, safe and odorless
  • Made of safe and quality materials that keep breast milk sterile
  • Size Details:
    • 9.5 cm overall diameter
    • 3.5 cm inner silicone diameter
    • 3.7 cm thick

How to Use

Postpartum Adjustable Corset

Loop the corset around the waist, with the strapless side on the inside. Then, wrap the velcro side over it. Adjust the tightness of the corset according to your preference using the small adhesive traps found on each side.

Once you’re comfortable with its tightness, you’re good to go!

Tips: Do not machine wash


Breast Milk Collection Shells

Place Mama’s Choice Breast Milk Collection Shells over your nipples
Secure the shells with a bra
Pour breast milk into a milk bottle when the shell is full
Wash after use and put in a cool and dry place


Postpartum Adjustable Corset Colors Black, Cream
Postpartum Adjustable Corset Size 23.5 x 105 cm
Breast Milk Collection Shells Size 9.5 cm overall diameter, 3.5 cm inner silicone diameter, 3.7 cm thick


5.03 reviews
  1. Arianna

    highly recommend

    ang ganda ng item and super sealed talaga same sa bag naka ziplock din. Sana lang talaga may gatas ako para magamit ko ung shell for collecting milk ni baby.

  2. Mommy Mae


    Ganda ng quality ng postpartum corset! Good thing adjustable sya. Hopefully, magamit ko itong breast milk collection shells.

  3. Diane

    satisfied customer here!

    super happy ako with my first ever purchase from Mama’s Choice!🥰 sobrang ganda ng packaging and worth it talaga 🥰

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