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Strengthening Hair Serum

3 reviews

Have stronger and healthier hair with Mama’s Choice Strengthening Hair Serum. The first leave-on hair treatment specially formulated for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

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Our Promise


Experience the complete hair loss care with Mama’s Choice Strengthening Hair Serum. Specially formulated for pregnant and breastfeeding Mamas struggling with hair loss or hair fall, it effectively reduced hair loss in 71% of Mamas who used it after 7 days. It’s enriched with ingredients that stimulate new hair growth and maintain a healthy scalp. Suitable for all hair types, you don’t have to be a Mama to enjoy the benefits of this strengthening hair serum too!

How to Use

After washing your hair, apply Mama’s Choice Strengthening Hair Serum on the scalp. Gently massage until it’s absorbed. No need to rinse after applying.

Key Ingredients



Rich in vitamin C which is useful for strengthening hair roots and avoiding hair loss


Clinically proven to nourish hair by activating stem cells in hair follicles

Green Pea

Strengthens hair roots for healthier growth


Volume 50 ml


5.03 reviews
  1. Jeni

    Super Effective

    Mabango siya para sakin, super light ng feeling and hindi siya malagkit. 2nd bottle ko na to na napurchase! No doubt sa quality! Super legit!

  2. Heya

    Highly Recommend

    I have been looking for hair serum for so long as my hair is unfortunately thinning. Used it for two days already twice a day (am and night). It will never make your hair look greasy which is super love!! Can’t wait to see improvements on my hair. Thanks Mama’s Choice!!

  3. Mommy Jen

    Love this!

    I have a bunch of hair serums but this one is different because you apply it on the scalp and there’s no need to rinse. The ingredients are unique too. Will use this consistently cause I love the smell. I hope this helps with hair growth!

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