4 Common Reasons Why Your Nipples Are Dry and Itchy

Nipples are naturally sensitive parts of the body, so in most cases, there’s nothing to worry about them being dry. Yet, it’s a different story when you’re a breastfeeding mama. Since you’re responsible for nourishing a human being, you can’t help feeling concerned that your dry nipples may keep you from feeding your baby. You might wonder if nipple cream for breastfeeding will do them any good, or if there are other things you can do to treat them.

The good news? You totally can relieve them. You just have to know the root cause first. Keep reading to learn more:

What Are the Possible Causes Behind Your Dry and Itchy Nipples?

Cracked nipples are more common than you think, even among non-mamas. They can be brought about by a variety of factors—some of which may surprise you.

Below are 4 typical causes of dry nipples:

1. Breastfeeding

nipple cream for breastfeeding philippines

Noticed how your breasts became extra sensitive while you were pregnant? This doesn’t end after welcoming your baby into the world. In fact, your nipples get even more tender postpartum because of breastfeeding. 

Clogged milk ducts, breastmilk residue, and your newborn’s latch can also worsen the itchiness. 

What You Can Do About It

After nursing your baby, wipe your breasts thoroughly with a clean damp cloth. Then, pat them dry. Sounds like a simple thing, but this can prevent so many problems. 

It’s also a good idea to apply nipple cream for breastfeeding Philippines after wiping. Trust us, it works wonders on your nipples. The cream helps moisturize them and alleviates the itchiness. 

2. Your Soap or Body Wash

Did you recently switch to a new soap or body wash? It may not have crossed your mind, but this innocent swap may be the culprit behind those itchy patches in your nipples. 

Some personal care products contain harsh chemicals that can trigger contact dermatitis, which may be what you’re experiencing. 

What You Can Do About It

When buying any baby product, you tirelessly research every ingredient to make sure it’s suitable for your little bundle of joy. It’s what any good mama would do. 

Now, extend that same level of care to yourself. Don’t settle for the first soap or body wash you see. Pay attention to their ingredients. You want to avoid parabens, synthetic fragrances, and the like.  

3. Your Bra

Another cause of contact dermatitis is the type of undergarments you wear. If the itching started after you wore that new bra, its fabric may not be compatible with your skin—even if you did wash it ahead. 

The problem can also be caused by a tight bra. When your nipples rub against it, they chafe.  

What You Can Do About It

Try using an old bra again (if it fits). Does the itching stop? You might want to ditch the new one then. But if a tight bra is the problem, invest in a new nursing bra. You’ll feel the difference right away! 

4.  Thrush

Yeast infections are also known as thrush. You may experience nipple thrush when your breasts are warm and moist. Besides dryness, thrush can give your nipples a rash, make them flaky, and let you experience a burning feeling after breastfeeding.

What You Can Do About It

The fungus that causes thrush loves damp environments, so wipe off your sweat often and change your bra and shirt. If you feel a shooting pain when nursing, visit your doctor. They may recommend an antifungal medication to fight the infection. 

Do Something About Your Irritated Nipples Today 

nipple cream for breastfeeding philippines

Want to relieve and soothe your irritated nipples? Look for a nipple cream for breastfeeding Philippines, like Mama’s Choice Intensive Nipple Cream. Specially formulated with shea butter, coconut oil, and date palm extract, this all-natural cream moisturizes your skin while being safe for your baby. It’s an absolute essential for breastfeeding mamas like you!

nipple cream for breastfeeding philippines

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