Top Tips When Choosing The Best Nursing Bra For You

A good breastfeeding bra is a nursing mom’s best friend. Having one is essential to make breastfeeding more comfortable and efficient. Discover our tips to find the best nursing bra for you.

Women experience significant physical changes during pregnancy. Apart from the growing belly, women’s breasts also become more sensitive. As a result, mamas-to-be may feel uncomfortable and short of breath.

What you can read in this article:

  • Functions and benefits of nursing bras
  • The best time to buy breastfeeding bras
  • What to look for when purchasing nursing bras

Why do mamas need nursing bras?

This is where a good breastfeeding bra comes in to achieve comfort throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Breastfeeding bras are not only suitable to wear after giving birth and when breastfeeding begins. It can also be used during pregnancy because of the comfort and support it offers.

Breastfeeding bras are bras specially designed for breastfeeding women. It has a designed cup with flaps or panels that can be opened easily to give access to the breast without having to undress the bra completely during a breastfeeding session.

An important note: If you’re looking for a breastfeeding bra that you also want to wear while still pregnant, make sure you choose a size that has room for breast augmentation because your breasts will be one or twice as big after the baby is born and breast milk papilla begins to exist. 

Benefits of wearing breastfeeding bras

During pregnancy, many women ask, “Should I buy a breastfeeding bra, or if I can still use a normal bra?” 

Buying a breastfeeding bra is the best move for many pregnant or new mamas. It gives them the comfort they need while their body shape changes. 

Here are some reasons why pregnant women are encouraged to buy breastfeeding bras:

It is designed to accommodate breasts that are enlarged or abruptly changing in size. Your breasts will likely go through dramatic changes in their size during pregnancy and have the potential to become larger or smaller depending on the frequency and time for breastfeeding or a pumping session once you have given birth.

Most breastfeeding bras come with lots of hooks, so you can easily change the main tape of the bra to fit the body during and after pregnancy. 

It usually has no iron wires or stitches in the nipple area and is made of a soft and stretchy fabric. Pro tip: iron wires and stitches can collect dirt and cause inflammation in the nipple area, so a seamless bra is your best bet for healthy breasts.

When is the best time to purchase a breastfeeding bra? 

A good rule of thumb: Feeling restricted is a telltale sign that it is time to buy a breastfeeding bra. Some of the common signals are:

  • When you take off your bra and observe an indentation to the skin where the tape and straps are
  • When your breasts are already protruding out of the bra cup
  • Your bra feels too tight

When you experience one (or all) of these, it’s time for a new breastfeeding bra. 

Every woman is different, and so is every pregnancy, and your breasts will change in unique ways. For example, some pregnant mamas will find that the cup size of their bra continues to increase throughout pregnancy, or their breasts will definitely grow during the first trimester and then not increase in size again until a few months when the end of pregnancy is approaching.

Therefore, depending on how your body changes, you may need to purchase a bra several times throughout your pregnancy.

Top tips when choosing the best nursing bra

If you decide to wear a breastfeeding bra, make sure to choose a bra that fits you perfectly. 

A good bra should provide good support but is not too tight. Tight bras are at high risk for clogged milk ducts, mastitis, or decreased milk supply. In addition, your nursing bra should not leave dents or marks on the skin.

It is also best to consider the following:

  • First, opt for wireless bras, which are more suitable during breastfeeding.
  • Choose a bra made of cotton or other natural materials. Cotton is naturally absorbent and has good ventilation.
  • Choose a bra with a hook that’s easy to operate with one hand, so you can open and close the panel quickly while holding the baby.
  • Soft and stretchy material that provides dependable support.
  • Room for stretching around the bottom of the breast and on the back.
  • It can accommodate soft and sensitive women’s skin during breast augmentation.
  • It can last throughout all three trimesters and the breastfeeding period.
  • Features a cup with a detachable feature specially designed for easy breastfeeding access.
  • Allows fluctuations in the ribs and chest. 
  • It is created with soft fabric on the inside of the bra cup so that there is less friction and irritation on the breasts and nipples.

Common mistakes when choosing a pregnancy bra

Don’t buy ‘regular bras’ but in larger sizes. The fabric and structure of a regular bra aren’t designed to support and accommodate the growing breasts during pregnancy or in the early stages of motherhood. 

Regular bras have an iron wire under the cup, which does not go well when breast enlargement occurs and can result in extreme discomfort if worn throughout pregnancy. 

The ‘regular bra’ is much more impractical when entering the breastfeeding period as it does not have an opening feature on the nipple area for easy access during breastfeeding.

In addition, fabrics that aren’t breathable are dangerous as it increases the chances of mastitis (blockage and milk ducts getting an infection) due to the constraint of iron wire and more rigid materials.

How to choose the best nursing bra that fits

Here are some ways pregnant women can ensure they buy a nursing bra that will 100% fit them. These tips can also be applied to all women finding a comfortable bra. 

  1. It is too big if wrinkles on the bra bowl at the bottom are visible. 
  2. The tape around the chest should fit perfectly, lie neatly, and not be pulled upwards on the back. 
  3. If the breast comes out at the bottom of the bra bowl, this means that the bra is too big. 
  4. If your breasts ‘overflow’ at the top or sides of the bra bowl, your breastfeeding bra is too small.  

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This breastfeeding bra is made of a breathable, soft, and comfortable material that can last you throughout the day, even when packed with activities. Here’s what moms have to say about it:

What we like most about the Mama’s Choice Maternity Nursing Bra: 

  • Keeps breasts healthy. Made from a very soft material, this nursing bra promotes good ventilation. At the same time, its stretchy material can support the mother’s breasts well.
  • It makes breastfeeding easier. It has a cup designed with easy-to-open panels around the nipple area, making breastfeeding easier.
  • It allows you to do more. For example, a reasonably practical design allows mothers to pump breast milk efficiently and hands-free.
  • Versatile. Suitable for all types of milk pumps.
  • Breathable and comfortable. Mama’s Choice Maternity Nursing Bra is wire-free, so not only is it comfortable and keeps you from being susceptible to inflammation, infections, and mastitis.
  • Easily adjustable for a snug fit. Straps allow you to adjust for optimum comfort and fit.
  • More than a nursing bra. Even when you’re not actively breastfeeding, this bra still supports you and can be worn when doing daily activities.

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