6 Best Tips To Manage Postpartum Belly

Trying to lose your postpartum belly can be stressful. It even gets more annoying when you get comments about being pregnant when you’re not. Ouch, right?

The truth is, having that excess fat in the tummy is normal, and it’s a common goal to achieve a flat stomach. There are actually five types of belly fat women can experience. And don’t worry, mama! We also know how to get rid of this stomach dilemma. So, keep reading to find out more!

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  • What causes extra abdominal fat or belly fat
  • Different types of belly fat
  • Best and easy steps to get a flat stomach and lose belly fat

Hormonal changes brought about by pregnancy persist even after giving birth. After welcoming your little one, your uterus shrinks and returns to its pre-pregnancy state. However, this contraction process does not happen overnight and occurs gradually. It takes about 6-8 weeks before bloating begins to subside, and the flabby belly goes away after childbirth.


5 types of belly fat in women

Not all pregnancy is the same. So it goes without saying that not all women have the same experience when it comes to dealing with belly fat. Here are the most common types of belly fat women get:

1. Pear tummy

The pear belly is characterized by having a slim waist but a larger abdomen. There is also noticeably excess fat in the hip area. As the name suggests, the belly shape resembles the fruit pear. This is because of the fat in the thigh area, which is challenging to get rid of.

Higher estrogen levels are a huge factor for women with a pear tummy. This is either due to genetics or hormonal imbalances.

As we know, estrogen is responsible for honing the curves of a feminine body when women reach puberty. We can also see the difference in the buttocks and thighs, which become more rounded. Other than during puberty, estrogen levels also increase steadily during pregnancy.

To avoid a pear tummy, avoid high-fat foods, which are closely linked to increased estrogen.

2. Mommy’s belly

When you have a mommy’s tummy, your abdomen appears like it’s still a baby pouch, even after three months of giving birth. As a result, your stomach looks slack, shapeless, and flabby. This type of belly fat is typical among mothers after giving birth.

Naturally, the postpartum belly happens due to the stomach’s expansion after being stretched to accommodate a growing baby. After delivery, the abdominal muscles will reunite naturally. This will take 5 to 7 months to notice a flatter stomach.

3. Thyroid tummy

The thyroid gland, shaped like a butterfly and can be located in the front of the neck, produces hormones to control the body’s metabolism. Since it regulates how calories are processed when the body intakes food, a slow thyroid function can cause the stomach to bloat and other body parts to look swollen.

Some symptoms of hypothyroidism are slow metabolism, exhaustion, and cold feet. Pregnant women are advised to seek doctors’ advice when these happen quickly.

4. Stress tummy

Stress is also one of the reasons why the stomach becomes bloated! This bulge may look like a belly protruding from the lower part of the breast but does not reach the lower abdomen.

Usually, when we are stressed and not doing any physical activity, all the energy is contained and will be stored and converted into fat!

How to deal if you have a stress tummy? To address this, first, find out the source of your stress. It also helps to get enough sleep. Eating in small but frequent quantities can also help to overcome this problem.

5. Gassy tummy

Yes! Babies are not the only ones who experience flatulence. Adults can also share the same problem. This is observed when the stomach appears flat in the early morning and expands after eating. Interestingly, the weight will remain the same even if the stomach seems bigger.

This is because, during the process, when food is broken down and digested in the intestines, the bacteria that consume the food produce gas. That gas is what causes the ‘air’ in the stomach.

Suppose the intestinal bacteria have difficulty breaking down a particular food. In that case, it will ferment by producing more gas, causing the stomach wall to protrude forward. This is where bloating due to gas occurs.

To overcome this problem, it is not recommended to include foods complex for the body to digest, including spicy dishes and foods that use artificial sweeteners.


6 Best Ways To Lose Belly Fat

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2. Exercise

Spend time being active and doing workouts. For all we know, visceral fat is around the internal organs, which is the leading cause of accumulated belly fat. One way to get rid of excess fat is to do exercises that will tighten the abdominal muscles, such as sit-ups and planks.

Exercise, of course, must be paired with a low-carb and low-fat diet. This method can reduce weight and fat levels in the body.

3. Improve daily dietary intake patterns

Improving food intake patterns can help avoid belly fat. This is especially true if daily calorie intake is controlled. For example, try to avoid eating foods high in sugar and carbohydrates.

4. Add more fiber and stay hydrated

Choose foods that are healthy and rich in fibre. Among them are green vegetables, whole wheat bread, and other sources of fibre. Drinking plenty of water, at least two litres per day, is also suggested. 

5. Monitor your calories

Focusing on overall caloric balance should be a given when eliminating belly fat. This involves reducing calorie intake in food or burning more calories through exercise. A food’s glycemic index (GI) is equally essential because foods with a low GI will not cause a sudden increase in insulin consumption, which can promote fat accumulation.

6. Eat herbs that promote healthy digestion

Consuming foods with natural digestive spices like ginger can address tummy problems. These herbs act as diuretics that help reduce extra fluid in the body. It also helps the stomach release its contents and relax the muscles in the digestive tract. Intake of natural digestive herbs is also used to treat constipation.

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