Breastfeeding For Working Moms: 8 Must-Have Items When Pumping At Work

Congratulations on your new role as a mom! But another role awaits you in your workplace. To help you transition, here are breastfeeding must-have items for working moms.

No questions asked. New moms would know that breastfeeding their little ones is no easy task. Then there’s also a crossroad working moms face when maternity leave is about to end—to wean or not to wean?

If you decide to continue your breastfeeding journey, you’ll need a couple of items so you can keep nursing even outside the comforts of your own hom. At times, it may feel like working two jobs at the same time. But by opting to do this, you give your baby every chance he can to reap the benefits of breastfeeding, including heightened protection and even optimum development.

Being able to give your little one breastmilk while you transition back to work is challenging. But challenging doesn’t mean impossible, especially if you’re equipped with the right tools to make your pumping breaks more efficient and convenient.

Like in any job, the key to successfully juggling working and breastfeeding is preparation. Below we’ll help you do just that by giving you a checklist of must-have items you’ll need when you pump at work.


8 Breastfeeding Essentials Items For Working Moms


Now that you’ve decided to take the path that extends your breastfeeding journey as a working mom, it’s time to figure out logistics. First things first, you’ll need to know the tools of the trade!

Here are 10 items essential for every working mom needs to pump at work successfully.


1. Breast pump

While a manual breast pump can get the job done, it’s not the first thing you’ll want to consider as pumping essential when you go back to work. You’ll need something that will effectively make your pumping sessions at work less hassle-free and as efficient as possible. Most moms will definitely tell you to go for an electric breast pump.

The working mom behind the blog site Professional Momma listed down features your electric breast pump should meet:

  • compact
  • easy to transport on a daily basis
  • customizable settings
  • quiet
  • uses a rechargeable battery instead of a cord
  • closed system
  • built-in pumping timer
  • ability to control suction strength to each individual breast

Although it’s not your go-to tool, having a backup manual pump is still advisable. Another pro-tip is to always have extra pumping parts and accessories with you or stored in your office.


2. Pumping bag

You might think that any old bag could be used as a pumping bag. But that’s not the case. The most important feature that you’ll want to look for is that it must have a compartment for cooler bags. This is vital for storing your breast milk and making sure it won’t go to waste.

Another important thing is getting a pumping bag with lots of compartments. (You’ll want to make sure that every item in this checklist can fit in your pumping bag!)


3. Milk storage (bottle, bags)

When it comes to storing your milk, choose a bottle or storage bag that can give you enough storage capacity and one that you’re assured can safely hold your liquid gold during transport from work to home.

A tip from Professional Momma: “What I do is use two 5 oz bottles as my “collection” bottles. Before I start my next pumping session, I dump the previously collected milk into a 10 oz bottle. Then I repeat this process for the rest of my work pumping sessions.”

She also only recommends using breastmilk storage bags when you’re pumping an amount enough to freeze to save on costs.


4. Cooler with an ice pack

You’re not pumping for breastmilk at work for nothing. Securing your baby’s breastmilk supply is definitely a priority as a working and breastfeeding mom, so it pays to invest in a storage cooler.

You can store the cooler bag in your office refrigerator during long days at work. But putting the bottle or pack as it is in the fridge is not advisable.


5. Cleaning necessities for breast pump

Always turn to your breast pump manual on how to clean them effectively. For work set-up, cleaning wipes can come in handy. You can also bring and have a sterilizer set up in your lactation break area in the office.


6. Nursing cover

Although having areas in the office where working moms who are breastfeeding their babies can safely and freely express breastmilk, there are still instances where you are not locked in a nursing room to pump alone.

Some people have to pump right at their desk, while others have to pump in a storeroom or while on a flight. This is when a nursing cover comes in handy for pumping discreetly.

Plus, you can use this cover even outside work. This is also efficient to use when you’re out with your baby, and you need to breastfeed via a direct latch.


7. Nipple pad

There’s no really telling when leakage can happen. Having a breast pad in place is your best bet for keeping your clothes dry.

Most nipple pads do just that, absorbing leakage from the breast. But what if I tell you that there’s an innovative product that not only prevents leakage but also collects your precious liquid gold?

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Speaking of breast care,

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8. Nursing bra

Save your physical energy by investing in buying hands-free pumping bras. Since breastfeeding and working a 9-5 job in the office is a peak multitasking skill, having a hands-free pumping bra is a must.

 Mama’s Choice Seamless Hands Free Pumping Bra hits all your needs to make your at-work breastfeeding experience more smooth sailing by giving you easy access when pumping.

It’s also made of soft and comfortable material. You’ll also be impressed with its easy access slits that are designed to make pumping at work less hassle. Here are some of its reviews: 

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