5 Reasons To Choose an Alcohol Free Mouthwash

Gargling with mouthwash doesn’t only make your breath smell fresh; it also gets rid of icky germs and bacteria. But since you’re expecting, you can’t just pick any mouthwash. Instead, you need one suitable for your sensitive gums and teeth and safe for the life growing inside of you. An all-natural, alcohol-free mouthwash is your best bet!

Why Alcohol-Free Mouthwash Is Better

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Alcohol mouthwash stings

If you’re into skin care, you know that using products with alcohol is a big no-no because it can sting and irritate your face. It’s the same thing when you gargle with a mouthwash containing alcohol. You may think the stinging means your mouth is being thoroughly cleansed, but it’s only causing more damage than good.  

Alcohol-free mouthwash is much more pleasant to use. It doesn’t have that burning sensation. 

Alcohol mouthwash is drying.

Alcohol is an incredibly drying ingredient. Using an alcohol-based mouthwash, then, may make you produce less saliva. Saliva helps your mouth flush out debris and bacteria. So when you aren’t producing enough of it, you’ll have a dry mouth and experience bad breath.  

Alcohol mouthwash destroys bacteria, but…

It does its job a little too well and kills all types of bacteria, including the good ones. Your mouth needs the right balance of bacteria. You may develop bad breath and other oral health problems if too much is killed. 

Alcohol-free mouthwash effectively cleans your mouth.

How does this mouthwash get rid of bacteria if it doesn’t have alcohol? Well, that’s the thing. Alcohol isn’t the only ingredient that can get rid of germs.

Natural ingredients like chlorophyll are also effective at killing bacteria. For example, chlorophyll prevents plaque buildup without hurting the good bacteria your body needs.

Alcohol mouthwash can harm your baby. 

Even if your chances of ingesting the mouthwash are low, you should still stay away from anything that has alcohol while you’re pregnant. 

Alcohol can seriously impact your little one’s neural and physical development. Unfortunately, there’s no established amount of how much of it can be dangerous. But as a mama, you want to stay on the safe side. So no matter how minor the threat is, there’s no way you’ll risk putting your baby in harm’s way.   

A Mouthwash Designed for Mamas

mama's choice safe mouthwash during pregnancy

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Wondering where to find alcohol-free mouthwash? Mama’s Choice Natural Mouthwash is just the thing you need. 

Our all-natural mouthwash is formulated with chlorophyll, miswak, and allantoin. It fights bad breath, soothes inflamed gums, and stops plaque buildup. We designed it specifically for pregnant mamas, so you can rest assured it’s safe for your baby. 

Our alcohol-free mouthwash is also great for people with dry mouths, sensitive gums and teeth, or anyone who wants safer oral care products. It’s a gentle yet effective gargle.  

Get yours now by visiting our Shopee store!  

Mama's Choice Alcohol Free Mouthwash

Get a 24% Discount on Mama’s Choice Natural Mouthwash | ₱169 ₱129

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