Baby Travel Checklist: What To Pack For Your Baby

Are you taking your baby on a trip? We know just how stressful that can be. So before you pack your entire house, read this baby travel checklist first. 

Travelling will never be the same when you have a baby. Suddenly, the things that you need to pack increase by a lot. With this, it is easy to overlook something. But, at the same time, it is also tempting to overpack.

When it comes to it, there are only a few essentials that you need to bring for your baby when they tag along on your trips. In this article, we will break down our baby travel checklist so that you know exactly what you need to carry.

Baby Travel Checklist Essentials #1: Bags

You should first consider the type of bags you will carry. This can make or break your entire packing strategy.

Here are the types of bags that you should carry with you whenever you are travelling with a baby in tow.

Waterproof Bags

Mama's Choice Waterproof Wet Bag | Baby Travel Checklist

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It is time to get rid of plastic bags and replace them with reusable waterproof bags. Babies are known for needing them – for vomit, soiled clothes, wet towels, and whatnot.

Bringing a waterproof bag is an easy way to give yourself peace of mind while on the road. Not to mention that it is also a more sustainable alternative.

Multipurpose Caddy Bag

Mama's Choice Multipurpose Caddy Bag | Diaper Organizer | Baby Travel Checklist

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What makes caddy bags better than traditional bags is their accessibility. This will give you visibility on all the items you placed in it.

Furthermore, you can grab the items quicker since you no longer have to deal with complicated zippers. With this, a caddy bag is perfect for mamas who will drive with their baby in the back seat.

Expandable Diaper Bag

Mama's Choice Expandable Diaper Bag | Baby Travel Checklist

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Of course, one should never leave the house with a baby without bringing the essential thing: diapers. However, it also matters to have the proper storage with you.

We suggest you bring one with a specialised diaper compartment so that you know exactly where it is when you need it. On top of that, it should also have space for other essential items like baby bottles and toys. 

Baby Travel Checklist Essentials #2: Skin & Hygiene Products

Babies have sensitive and precious skin. Unfortunately, it may take a while for them to adapt to the outdoors.

With this, they may experience skin and hygiene issues when you take them on a trip. This is why you should be ready with the following essentials.

Baby Sunscreen

Mama's Choice Baby Gentle Suncsreen

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The sun can be just as harmful to your baby’s skin. So Thayer must look for a product with SPF that can protect them from sunburn and irritation. 

Baby Hand Sanitiser

Mama's Choice Baby Moisturizing Hand Gel

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By now, you are probably aware of the many dangers that can come when you go outdoors  – from something as simple as touching dirty slides to forgetting to wash your hands. So it would be best to take preventive measures instead of risking them, right?

That is why having a baby-friendly hand sanitiser is the key. Be sure to go for one formulated for babies and does not contain harmful and drying ingredients.

Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

Mama's Choice Baby Hair and Body Wash

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If you’re packing, space can be an issue, so consider a head-to-toe baby wash to save space. Make sure you choose one safe, natural, and free of harmful chemicals!

Baby Toothpaste

Mama's-Choice-Baby-Kids-Toothpaste | Baby Travel Checklist

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Don’t forget to pack their fluoride-free toothpaste wherever you go with your kids! This way, you can prevent tooth decay and reinforce the importance of proper oral hygiene.


Baby Travel Checklist Essentials #3: Other Baby Gear

Here are other essentials you should not forget to pack whenever you travel with your baby.

Stroller or Carrier

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Trust us when we say that you need to bring your stroller. You mink that you can manage carrying your baby around all day, but it always gets to bring one just YouYouYouase.

You may be a safe space for your little one, but sometimes it is more comfortable for everyone to let the baby in a stroller for a while. 

Breast Milk Cooler Bag

Mama's Choice Sling Cooler Bag | Baby Travel Checklist

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If you are travelling with an infant, you might want to keep a bottle handy in case they get hungry during your trip. With an insulated cooler bag, you can be sure you have a bottle ready. Even better, most cooler bags can double as lunch boxes, allowing you to pack snacks and juices together with your little one’s milk bottle.

Baby Food Container

Baby Food Container

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Make sure you pack your kids’ favourite snacks for the long road trip or plan ride ahead. Instead of bringing them in their original packaging, putting them in containers allow you to save them if they don’t finish their snacks in one sitting.

Baby Wipes

Whether it is for the surfaces that they have touched or made a mess, essentially essential to pack baby wipes with you.

There are many baby wipes that you can buy in the market today, but just make sure that you are choosing one with a gentle formulation. You may also opt for reusable baby wipes if o go for a more sustainable option.


Of course, having an extra set of clothes is vital when packing for your baby. This is true even for day trips only.

Chances are, your baby will sweat or get dirty while enjoying the; havings; having clean clothes that they can change into will save the day.

First Aid Kit

We are sure you will do whatever it takes to keep your baby safe during your trip. But the truth is, accidents can happen, and there is always a possibility of getting injured.

That is why you should pack a small first aid kit if you or your baby need it.


Find other items to complete your baby travel checklist at Mama’s Choice!

Just like babies, moms also have essential items they need to carry. At Mama’s Choice, it is our mission for both the baby and their mamas to have everything they need to live a happy and healthy life.

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