Looking For A Nursing Bra? Consider These Factors

When you’re a new mom, a nursing bra is one of the most important clothing pieces you will own. With various options out there, it’s crucial to know what suits you best. Different types of nursing bras differ in more ways than one. The differences lie not only in the type of opening but also in the material and function. Read on to know the different types of nursing bras, plus some helpful tips when choosing what will best suit your needs as a breastfeeding mom.

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Types of Nursing Bras

By Cup Type

  1. Seamless Bra

This type of bra uses a soft material and easily follows the mother’s figure. The seamless bra is not only suitable for use when doing daily activities but also practical for use during nighttime. This is ideal when the new mom’s breasts begin to show signs of changes due to breastfeeding .

  1. Contour Bra

As the name suggests, this bra has the ability to contour your breast shape. The cup is quite thick given its added padding. Contour bras are only recommended for use three to four months after giving birth. This type of bra is used to accentuate the shape of the mother’s breasts. 

This may not be the best choice for moms who are not comfortable with having their breasts appear bigger. In addition, contour bras are quite difficult to undress and may pose a challenge when you have to breastfeed. This bra is more suitable for certain occasions, such as dinner parties and other events where you want to look sleeker.

By Wire

  1. Wired Bra

 Wire bras can be further categorized as hard or flexible. This type of bra can actually support the breasts more neatly and can prevent the breasts from looking saggy. However, mothers need to make sure that the wire is positioned under the breast, not above it. If not, this can cause discomfort and even pressure on the breast tissue which can lead to  mastitis problems

  1. Non-Wired (Soft Cup) Bra

Even without the presence of wire, soft cup bras can still offer breast apt support. This type of bra provides more comfort when worn when compared to a wired bra. Choose a bra with a cup that is structured to achieve a more sleek figure.

By Cup Opening

A breastfeeding bra makes it easy for a nursing mom to give her baby access to her breasts with one hand when breastfeeding. There are various types of cup openings for breastfeeding bras. These are:

  • The latch is located on the shoulder strap and can be pulled down to make way for an opening.
  • The hook opening is located between the two cups on the front.
  • The opening can be accessed through the bra’s cup itself.

By Function

  1. Sleep Bra

Bras for bedtime use should be made of a softer and more elastic material. The straps should also fit well and not be too tight. This type of nursing bra also has a crisscross design. A bra like this allows the mother to easily expose her breasts for the purpose of breastfeeding at night.

A bra like this is most suitable during the first days after giving birth since it keeps the breast pad in place so that the milk does not easily come into contact with the shirt. It is possible to always choose a material that allows the skin to breathe easily, cool, and comfortably.

  1. Sports Bra

Mothers who lead an active lifestyle and/or are into sports need to choose a bra that is suitable and appropriate for physical activities. Sports bras usually have no wire and are made of spandex and nylon. 

If you engage in low-impact sports like yoga or pilates, you can choose a seamless sports bra as it allows you to stretch easily and at the same time can still support your breasts well.

However, do not use a seamless bra for high-impact sports activities such as aerobics or body pumping. For these activities, you need to use a bra that can provide more support.

  1. Breast-Pumping Bra

This type of bra has frontal openings, for when using a breast pump. This is best suited for working mothers or exclusive pumping moms. 

When it comes to breast-pumping bras, Mama’s Choice Seamless Hands-Free Pumping Bra is the best choice for moms who are looking for a suitable, comfortable bra they can use every day. It’s perfect for mothers who want to pump their breast milk either in the office or anywhere outside the home.  

Dual Purpose Nursing Bra

Mama’s Choice Seamless Hands-Free Pumping Bra is a practical choice for busy working moms. Made of soft and comfortable material, adjustable straps to prevent shoulder pain and extra hooks (so, you would not have to endure tight straps anymore!), this Mama’s Choice breastfeeding bra can be a mother’s solution in balancing the life of a new working mother . But there’s more! What’s best about this bra is that it is compatible with all types of breast pumps and can also be used for direct breastfeeding!

Benefits of Using Mama’s Choice Seamless Hands-Free Pumping Bra 

On top of practicality, we list down other advantages of using Mama’s Choice Seamless Hands-Free Pumping Bra :

  1. The bra material used promotes proper ventilation and is flexible enough to adapt to any changes in the breasts while breastfeeding.
  2. It is comfortable and gives off that neat look, as long as the correct size is worn.
  3. It can be used while doing various activities such as going out to work, sleeping, and playing sports. It’s really an all-around, handy nursing bra for every new mom out there!

Pumping bras like Mama’s Choice Seamless Hands-Free Pumping Bras meets the basic needs of breastfeeding moms and more, making it the best choice. Here are what Filipino moms have to say:

You can shop Mama’s Choice Seamless Hands-Free Pumping Bra at Mama’s Choice, Shopee , and Lazada sites.

Source: Mayo Clinic

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