How To Take Care Of Baby and Toddler Teeth

Think again if you don’t have to worry too much about protecting your baby’s teeth! Here’s a simple dental health guide on how to take care of your little one’s teeth from the baby to toddler stage.

Why It’s Important To Take Care Of Baby and Toddler Teeth

First, let’s set the records straight. When it comes to dental health, the earlier you take care of baby and toddler teeth, the better. Yes, baby teeth matter! Although they’ll eventually fall off, primary teeth play a vital role in your child’s oral health.

How To Take Care of Baby Toddler Teeth

First, primary teeth are placeholders ensuring permanent teeth will grow properly. “When a child loses a baby tooth too early, such as in the case of injury or decay, the other teeth have a tendency to shift to fill in the empty space,” Innovative Pediatric Dentistry explains.

It adds that when this happens, it can “prevent the permanent tooth below from coming in straight or even lead to impaction where the tooth is unable to come in at all.”

With that emphasized, let’s now proceed with how you can begin with your baby’s dental health journey, which can start as soon as they are born.

How To Take Care Of Baby-Toddler Teeth

Baby Dental Health: 0 Months And Up

Pediatric dentists advise that you wipe your baby’s gums after each meal. Doing so helps combat bacterial growth and promotes good dental health. Plus, doing this regularly will help them get used to brushing their mouth.

You can use a soft, damp cloth or a soft rubber or silicone finger brush at this stage.

How To Take Care of Baby Toddler Teeth

Baby Dental Health: When Teeth Start To Show

This is the best time to switch from a damp cloth to a soft-bristled brush for your baby. For toothpaste, The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) suggests using a cavity-preventive fluoride toothpaste as soon as a baby’s first tooth appears rather than waiting until age two, as previously advised.

Only use a granular amount of toothpaste for kids two and below. You don’t have to worry about your child swallowing the toothpaste in such quantity.

According to Healthline, the phases of development of baby teeth are as follows. It’s important to remember that each child is unique. Thus this timeframe may not apply to all children.

  • 6 to 10 months: Bottom central incisors
  • 8 to 12 months: Top central incisors
  • 9 to 13 months: Top lateral incisors
  • 10 to 16 months: Bottom lateral incisors
  • 13 to 19 months: First molars in the top of the mouth
  • 14 to 18 months: First molars on the bottom of the mouth
  • 16 to 22 months: Top canines
  • 17 to 23 months: Bottom canines
  • 23 to 31 months: Second molars on the bottom of the mouth
  • 25 to 33 months: Second molars on the top of the mouth

Baby Dental Health: 12 to 18 months

Your child should brush his teeth at least twice daily by this stage. This is also a good time to schedule his first visit to the dental clinic. Follow up with regular check-ups every 3 to 6 months.


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Tips To Encourage Your Toddler To Brush Their Teeth

How to take care of baby toddler teeth

  1. Allow your toddler to brush by himself (if he has the dexterity and doesn’t get agitated), but make sure to do a more thorough cleaning before bedtime.
  2. Develop playful songs to make brushing sessions more enjoyable. For example, you can sing “Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth” to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”
  3. A visual timer might also help your youngster notice how rapidly the seconds are ticking away until tooth brushing is complete.

Good dental hygiene promotes overall health and well-being since the mouth practically serves as a door to our bodies. More than just having a pleasant smile, maintaining a clean mouth, teeth, and gums is one surefire way kids can become strong and healthy.

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Sources: Healthline,, American Dental Association, Innovative Pediatric Dentistry

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