Mugwort Benefits That Make It Great For Healing Stretch Marks

Hi Mamas! You’ve heard plenty of stretch mark remedies here and there. Nowadays, people look for creams or serums with organic components as a permanent solution for stretch marks. Keep reading this article to find out more about mugwort benefits. And why this ingredient might be your lifesaver!

The mugwort plant may sound like it’s from the Harry Potter series, but it’s native to Europe, Asia, and Africa. Historically, mugwort is known to have good medicinal qualities. Nowadays, people ingest mugwort to help with digestive problems and irregular menstruation and to reduce high blood pressure.

The healing properties of mugwort

Mugwort Stretch Mark Serum

1. Lightens dark spots and blemishes 

Mugwort, as an ingredient, is commonly used in skincare products to help soothe sensitive skin and acne spots. It is rich in Vitamin E, a natural ingredient that helps lighten dark spots and blemishes. With Vitamin E as a critical component of mugwort, it’s safe to say that the mugwort plant can lighten skin and prevent blemishes. 

2. Anti-inflammatory properties

Skin inflammation can occur at any time, especially when you have sensitive skin. Luckily, mugwort has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe and ease the skin’s redness, itchiness, and swelling. In addition, mugwort is known to soothe the skin of those with eczema or psoriasis. 

3. Anti-aging properties

Mugwort acts as an antioxidant that prevents skin damage caused by UV rays and a collagen simulator that helps reduce fine lines. With this anti-ageing property, mugwort can enhance the skin, making you younger (IluiIlui, n.d).

Mugwort and stretch marks 


Now that we’ve covered what mugwort is and its benefits to the skin, it’s time to talk about one of the main concerns of Mamas – stretch marks. These marks or streaks naturally appear on the abdomen, breasts, arms, hips, and thighs. These marks are standard in pregnant women a few months before giving birth. 

Most Mamas out there don’t feel as confident as they used to because of these lines on their skin, especially during and after pregnancy. Thankfully, Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Serum is your best friend, and you can finally say goodbye to those stripes!

Stretch Mark Serum | Mugwort Benefits

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So, how effective is the Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Serum? 

Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Serum works wonders on stretch marks thanks to all these hard-working ingredients:

  1. Mugwort
  2. Niacinamide 
  3. Alpha Bisabolol 

The anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties of the Mugwort plant are integrated into the serum to help soothe the skin and reduce fine lines. On the other hand, Niacinamide is an ingredient that is key to lightening the skin, while Alpha Bisabolol’s primary job is to minimise stretch marks and regenerate skin cells. 


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But you know what’s even better? We’ve created a two-step routine to help you effectively reduce the appearance of stretch marks and dark spots — our new Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Treatment Series that comes with the best-selling Stretch Mark Cream and our Stretch Mark Serum!

This innovation in skincare contains 92% natural active ingredients that are 2x more optimal in reducing stretch marks, fading dark spots, alleviating itching, and correcting uneven skin tone when used together. 

For the best results, here’s how we recommend you use our Stretch Mark Treatment Series:

  1. Apply Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Serum on areas where there are stretch marks
  2. Gently massage clockwise until the serum is fully absorbed
  3. Complete with Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Cream to lock in skin moisture, reduce itching, and maintain skin elasticity
  4. Repeat these steps twice daily

Mugwort is worth a try!

To know more about the Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Serum, head to our Shopee Mall so you can check out and kiss those stretch marks goodbye! 

Mama's Choice Stretch Mark Treatment Series

Get a 21% Discount on Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Treatment Series | ₱1,399 ₱1,099

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