5 Reasons To Love This Postpartum Anti Hair Loss Serum

Unfortunately, most mamas experience hair loss. This is why having a trusted anti-hair loss serum is the key to ensuring your locks return to their healthy and luscious state quickly. 

Many factors can cause hair loss for new mothers. This may include hormonal changes, stress, and lifestyle. 

Since the body goes through many changes during pregnancy, it seems inevitable that your hair strands will also be affected in one way or another.

However, do not worry; there are many practical things a mama like you can do to restore your thick locks. One of the best ways to do so is to have a  trusted hair-strengthening serum.

Meet Mama’s Choice Strengthening Hair Serum

Strengthening Hair Serum

If you are wondering what new mamas like you are raving about these days, then we are here to tell you all about it. The new Meet the Mama’s Choice Strengthening Hair Serum is officially the latest go-to product to help address hair loss concerns while you take care of your little one. 

Do you want to know why mamas can’t have enough of this serum? 

Why Do Mamas Love the Mama’s Choice Strengthening Hair Serum?

We have spoken to mamas who have used the product regularly. We asked them the specific things they like about Mama’s Choice Strengthening Hair Serum, and here is what they told us.

1. It’s Safe and Natural

Anti Hair Loss Serum Philippines

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Now that you are a mama, you must check the label and study the ingredients of everything you apply to your body. Since your baby will also be exposed to the products you use, you need to ensure that these are safe for both of you. 

This is the advantage of using the Mama’s Choice Strengthening Hair Serum; unlike other products, it is made from natural ingredients that would harm you or your baby.

It contains kiwi, green tea, and candlenut; all used to achieve healthy hair for centuries. 

Here’s how each ingredient can help you restore your pre-pregnancy hair:

  •  Kiwi – rich in vitamins that strengthen hair roots
  •  Green Tea – effectively reduces hair loss
  •  Candlenut – Nurses from the scalp to the tips of the hair

2. Proven and Tested

Aside from doing your research, it is also important to consult specialists. For example, despite having an all-natural formulation, the products still underwent intensive studies to ensure that it is safe and effective.

Mamas have peace of mind that the product has been lab-tested in Singapore. On top of this, dermatologists and other health specialists have given their thumbs up on using the day strengthening hair serum.

3. Effective

Mama's Choice Strengthening Hair Serum | Postpartum Hair Loss Remedies

Get a 22% Discount on Mama’s Choice Strengthening Hair Serum | ₱579 ₱449

On top of getting approval from specialists, mamas have proven that it benefits them. We conducted a study among regular users, and it turns out that 71% of them reported a significant reduction in hair loss since they started using the product.

4. Loved by Other Mamas

With a 5-star rating on Shopee, it’s no surprise that many mamas have nothing but raves about this anti-hair loss serum!

From its nonsticky texture to its gentle scent, hear it straight from Filipino mamas:


Get a 22% Discount on Mama’s Choice Strengthening Hair Serum | ₱579 ₱449

5. Best-Selling in Southeast Asia

With all of the reasons we mentioned above, the product has been a staple in the hair routine of many mamas in the Philippines! The Mama’s Choice Hair Strengthening Serum is one of Southeast Asia’s best-selling hair loss products.

With its safe and effective formulation,  we have sold thousands of bottles to many mamas who want to have their beautiful hair back.


Start Your Anti-Hair Loss Journey Today

Many challenges come with being a new mama, and we believe that dealing with hair loss should not be one of them.  

 By now, we have already mentioned many good things about our hair serum, but it doesn’t end there. The product can work wonders on its own, and all you need to do is apply it directly on your scalp after washing your hair.

However, if you want to take your hair regimen up a notch, you can also go for our Anti-Hair Loss Series. It comes with the well-loved serum and the Mama’s Choice Treatment Shampoo and Treatment Conditioner.

Both are available online and ready to be shipped to your doorsteps. Click here to place your order now.

Mama's Choice Anti Hair Loss Serum

Get a 22% Discount on Mama’s Choice Strengthening Hair Serum | ₱579 ₱449

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