How To Properly Wash Your Face: 7 Easy Tips to Follow

Looking after your skin can be a struggle when you’re dealing with pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness or body pains. But if there is one thing you should never sacrifice, it’s washing your face. Find out how to properly wash your face here!

It’s not just the baby inside your womb that you need to look after, but yourself as well. More than helping your skin’s appearance, taking care of your skin during pregnancy is good for your mental health too.

According to Erum Ilyas, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in Pennsylvania, “our skin in so many ways is a ‘check engine light’ for our internal health. When skin looks and feels good, we tend to feel better about ourselves.”

For many Mamas, pregnancy often makes us rethink our skincare choices. When you’re struggling with morning sickness, your 8-step routine may not be something you’re looking forward to anymore.

But if there’s one skincare step that we never sacrifice, it’s washing our face. Fuss-free and straightforward, you can’t go wrong when you’re just washing your face. Right?

While we all have our ways and tricks when it comes to washing our faces, we’ve rounded up recommendations from experts that will ensure you’re washing your face correctly and effectively. And more importantly, safely.

7 Tips On How To Properly Wash Your Face

1. Remove makeup first


The key to effective face washing is by removing makeup first. Then, you can use a makeup remover, natural oils, or micellar water to get the makeup off. Speaking to Healthline, dermatologist Dr Jennifer Haley explained that “pores are used to purge out toxins.” As such, if a thick layer of makeup clogs your pores, it can’t do its job.

2. Don’t scrub your skin 

Scrubbing the skin gives the sensation that you’re genuinely getting rid of dirt and grime, but sadly, this can irritate the skin. So instead of grabbing a washcloth or loofah sponge, look for a face wash with exfoliants. Plus, bacteria can build up on cleansing accessories like loofah sponges! Remember, your hands are enough to cleanse your face.

3. Use a gentle cleanser

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Experimenting with skincare products is usually fun, but not when you have the health of your little one to consider. During pregnancy, use a gentle face wash free of alcohol, artificial fragrances, SLS, and other harmful additives.

Even better, look for non-foaming cleansers like Mama’s Choice Gentle Face Wash because they won’t strip your skin of natural oils. Please don’t believe the notion that the foamy it is, the better it cleanses. A study in 2012 found that foaming cleansers are a bit harsher, with a tendency to leave your skin dry.

4. Don’t wash too much

A clean, freshly washed face feels and looks good. But washing your face too often can irritate and dry your skin. Experts recommend washing your face in the morning, in the evening, and after you sweat excessively.

5. Try a cleansing massage

When washing your face, give your face a good massage too. For example, rub your fingers in a circular upwards motion. This helps with circulation and relaxation, too. 

6. Wash with lukewarm water

Hot water feels good on the skin, but it can also strip the skin of its natural oil barrier. So for Mamas who have dry or sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to wash your face with lukewarm water instead. 

7. Moisturise right after washing

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We all know that moisturizing the face is important but did you know that experts recommend moisturizing right after cleansing? Yes, while your face is still a bit damp. Ellen Marmur, a dermatologist in New York City, tells SELF that “if you wait even a few minutes, the surface cells dehydrate and are harder to moisturize.” So while you’re at it, a moisturiser with mineral sunscreen like Mama’s Choice Daily Protection Face Moisturizer is your best bet, Mama.

Cleanse Away With Mama’s Choice Gentle Face Wash

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If you’re worried about harsh ingredients in your regular facial wash, consider Mama’s Choice Gentle Face Wash! A special face wash created specifically for pregnant and breastfeeding Mamas; it’s suitable for all skin types, including dry, combination, and sensitive skin.

What makes it special? Our face wash is enriched with Rice Extract to help brighten your skin naturally and keep dullness at bay. It also contains Hydrolyzed Collagen Extract, which keeps skin moisturized and maintains elasticity.

For the best face washing experience, massage our Gentle Face Wash in an upwards circulation to improve blood flow. You can also follow it up with Mama’s Choice Daily Protection Face Moisturizer in the morning for glowing skin.

Keep these tips on how to properly wash your face in mind, put them into action, and you’ll soon be on your way to clean and glowing skin, Mama! Get the Mama’s Choice Glow Kit Bundle and enjoy bigger savings!

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