What Is The Best Deodorant for Pregnancy?

Over the years, deodorant has been a mandatory part of women’s everyday routines. This is true even for expecting mamas. But now that you must ensure you are using a safe deodorant for you and your baby, is it time to switch to serum deodorants? But first, let’s find out what is the best deodorant for pregnancy!

Once a woman becomes pregnant, the product’s effectiveness when applied to her skin is no longer the only priority. On the contrary, the product’s safety is more important since the baby will also be exposed to the formulation.

The same is true when it comes to deodorants. This is why we will explore all the options for a pregnant mama and why a serum deodorant is best.

Types of Deodorant


Before discussing serum deodorants further, it’s a good idea to learn the types of deodorants already on the market and their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Liquid roll-on deodorant

This is a deodorant with a roll-on applicator. It has gained popularity over the years because of its affordability, but the weakness is that it leaves marks on clothes that have not been thoroughly dried.

2. Spray deodorant

This is suitable for use after exercising because it is light and gives a cold sensation. Unfortunately, this deodorant spray should not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

It contains the aerosol that can be inhaled into the respiratory tract and absorbed into the blood.

3. Gel deodorant

This comes as a thick gel, which provides a long-lasting fragrance. However, because of the texture, this deodorant takes quite a while to be absorbed completely.

4. Stick deodorant

This comes in the form of a clear white solid colour. This deodorant is practical because it has a dry, non-sticky texture, but its weakness is that it breaks easily if you rub it too hard.

5. Serum deodorant

Like the facial serum, serum deodorant is also in liquid form with a light texture, making it easier for nutrients or its ingredients to absorb and dry faster.


What is the best deodorant for pregnancy? Serums!

best deodorant for pregnancy

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If this is the first time you have heard of serum deodorant, then you are not alone. For many, serums are reserved for the face. 

However, this is also an effective way to keep underarms dry and fresh – especially during pregnancy. 

Just like the face, armpits also need nutrition. Apart from being sensitive and thinner than other areas of the skin, the position of the armpits is in the folds so that they are moist and prone to friction. 

On top of this, most women also regularly pluck and shave their underarms. As a result, the area becomes dark and dry, with the pores looking rough like chicken skin.

This is even more common during pregnancy when you sweat more and more, and dead skin in your armpits accumulates until it becomes dark. This can make mamas feel uncomfortable and insecure.

A serum deodorant is one of the best ways to deal with underarm discolouration during pregnancy. Here’s why:

1. It easily seeps into the skin.

One of the best advantages of serum is its light texture. This makes it easier for the serum to penetrate and nourish the deepest layers of the skin.

2. It leaves no marks.

Using serum makes getting ready quicker and more practical. This is even more useful because mothers don’t have much time to get dressed, right?

The serum will dry quickly without leaving a trace, so you don’t have to worry about deodorant stains on your clothes. 

3. It is more hygienic.

Serums usually come in tube packaging to keep the contents clean.

In contrast to other deodorants, the contents are immediately exposed after you apply them to your armpits. This makes it prone to bacteria, eventually leading to foul body odour.

4. It softens the skin.

Once absorbed underarms, the serum’s nutrients can soften the skin. I am leaving the armpits neither too dry nor too wet.

It is unlike using gel deodorants that leave the skin sticky when it doesn’t get fully dry.


Meet the best deodorant for pregnancy! 


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Before you start howling the internet for the best serum deodorants for expecting mamas, read this first. 

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It comes with a Triple Action Formula made from natural ingredients: Dead Sea Mineral, Niacinamide, and Lemon Extract.

These three natural wonders effectively help control excessive sweat production, nourish, and brighten the underarms from the first use.

Furthermore, our formulation is free from potentially harmful chemicals such as:

  • Chemical alcohol
  • Parabens
  • Mineral Oils

Most importantly, our serum deodorant does not contain Aluminum Chlorohydrate and alcohol. As these two can trigger breast cancer or inhibit fetal development. 

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Get a 21% Discount on Mama’s Choice Dry Serum Deodorant | ₱379 ₱299

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