Why A Paraben-Free Stretch Mark Cream Is Best

Many cosmetics and creams in the market contain parabens and unfortunately, this information is often written in fine print. While it may not matter much outside of pregnancy, paying close attention to the products you use is an important cross to bear when you’re carrying your little one.

Harmful chemicals absorbed through the skin can easily be passed on to your baby through the placenta, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip using skincare products altogether – especially when you’re worried about stretch marks. 

As your belly grows, the discomfort around your stretching skin can be a hassle. Stretch mark creams address all these problems and more, so when you choose one, the first thing you should do is to make sure that it’s paraben-free.

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Why are parabens dangerous?

Parabens are antimicrobial agents used as preservatives to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. It is an accessible and cheap way to preserve the ingredients of a cosmetic product, which is why most companies use it. However, frequent exposure to parabens can negatively affect you and your little one in the following ways:

Why make the switch to paraben-free stretch mark cream?

  • Damaged DNA in infants. Parabens can cause damage to your infants’ DNA, which could result in birth defects.
  • Excess hormones in babies. Parabens are estrogenic, and mimic estrogen in the body. Frequent use of products with parabens can result in having excess estrogen in the baby’s body which can potentially cause cancer, endometriosis and thyroid disorders.
  • Abnormalities in infant growth. Parabens can cause your child to be obese. This was supported by a study of 520 children whose mothers had used 95% paraben-containing products during pregnancy.
  • Breast milk lacking nutritional value. A study showed that breastfeeding mothers who used products containing parabens before and during pregnancy had traces of parabens in their breast milk, which then affected the quality of their breast milk.

Parabens can also settle inside the body for a long time. In these situations, parabens can pose as a long-term health risk to you and your baby. If you’re looking to deal with stretch marks (or prevent them from appearing at all!), it’s best to find a Paraben-free Stretch Mark cream to stay away from harmful toxins.


A paraben-free Stretch Mark Cream specially made for you

To help you deal with stretch marks without exposing yourself to harmful ingredients, we created a stretch mark cream that is paraben-free, alcohol-free and free of phthalates. (Yup, paraben is not the only villain.)

Apart from being completely safe, our Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Cream is enriched with natural ingredients such as Lipobelle™ Soyaglycone, aloe vera, shea butter, olive oil and jojoba oil.


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Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Cream is not only natural, but can also help you achieve the following: 

  • Fade and prevent stretch marks
  • Relieve itching skin
  • Cool down and moisturise your skin

Here’s how our ingredients work!

Lipobelle™ Soyaglycone

You probably haven’t heard of Lipobelle™ Soyaglycone before. That’s because it’s one of the latest biochemical innovations derived from soybean! It helps boost your skin thickness by 12%, and also promotes the building of collagen to repair damaged skin and fade stretch marks. 


Aloe vera

You’ve probably used (or eaten) aloe vera before, and know about its cooling effect. We decided to put aloe vera in to help you deal with itching during pregnancy (By the way, itching can be a sign that stretch marks are about to appear!)

Shea butter

Shea butter is extracted from the fruit of the African Shea tree. It’s packed with vitamins and nutrients to soften your skin and prevent wrinkles (and stretch marks!) from forming.

Olive oil

As a natural, non-greasy antioxidant, olive oil is great at protecting your skin against ageing and damage while keeping the texture of the cream smooth and non-oily.

Jojoba oil

Our jojoba oil comes from the jojoba shrub, a bush native to Mexico and parts of the United States. It doesn’t evaporate like other water-based moisturisers, which means that it can provide longer-lasting moisturisation to your skin. Jojoba oil is also filled with minerals and antioxidants to protect your skin.


If you’re in the second trimester and looking to prevent stretch marks, this ingredient is going to be really effective for you!

Remember what we shared earlier about Aloe Vera and Lipobelle™ Soyaglycone? By using our cream to build collagen and absorb antioxidants, you can reduce the risk of stretch marks appearing too! 🙂

How to use Mama’s Choice Paraben-Free Stretch Mark Cream:

Here’s how we recommend you use the Stretch Mark cream of your choice:

  1. Massage the cream across your belly and any other vulnerable areas every morning and night (If you’re doing this preventively, we suggest the hips and thighs as well)
  2. Massage in a circular motion to promote good blood flow
  3. Make sure to massage gently on your belly for safety
  4. Apply twice a day: once in the morning and another in the evening.

You can begin applying stretch mark cream as early as the second trimester and continue for at least 6 months after pregnancy. With regular use, our stretch mark cream can relieve itchiness and effectively reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Don’t believe us? Here’s what other Filipino Mamas have to say:


In conclusion…

Stretch mark cream is an important skincare product you should add to your arsenal for any stage of pregnancy. Whether it’s to fade your stretch marks or to protect yourself from them, we recommend that you get yourself a good quality, paraben-free stretch mark cream. Care for yourself with #OneLessWorry for the safety of your little one and choose Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Cream. 

(Shop: Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Cream for Php 499 on Shopee)

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