7 Reasons To Love These Breastmilk Storage Bags from Mama’s Choice

Are you looking for suitable breastmilk storage bags? Look no further because we have exactly what you need! This article will discuss everything you need to know to safely and successfully store breast milk.

All new Mamas can relate to the joy and struggle of breastfeeding their little ones. After all, breast milk is still the best source of nutrition for babies.

All the times have changed, and there are now many breastfeeding-friendly areas; there are still instances where it is not ideal for Mamas to let their baby latch on them. Whether at home or on the road,  having a trusted breastmilk storage bag will save you during moments like this.

This is why it is essential to have a go-to storage bag to keep your breast milk for future use safely.


Why do you need specialized breastmilk storage bags?

You may indeed use any container to store your breast milk. However, many risks come with this, such as contamination and spillage. 

When this happens, all your efforts in collecting and storing the milk will be in vain…or worse, it can even harm your baby.

And when it comes to our little ones, applying a “better safe than sorry” mindset is always best.

This is why it is better to go for specialized breastmilk storage bags that are available in the market today. Luckily, we have an affordable breast milk storage bag just for you. 


Meet the Mama’s Choice Breast Milk Storage Bag

Mama's Choice Breastmilk Storage Bag

Get a 40% Discount on Mama’s Choice Breast Milk Storage Bags | ₱249 ₱149

Since many breast milk storage bags are available in the market today, finding the right one can get a bit confusing. Today we will narrow your search to the best breast milk storage bag, which we have created especially for Mamas like you.

For only ₱249, you will receive a box with 30 bags that are already pre-sterilized and ready to go.

Mamas all over Asia are raving about our storage bags for many reasons. Want to find out what makes it stand out over the rest?

Read on to find out!


Why Wise Mamas are Using Our Breast Milk Storage Bag

Since we launched our breast milk storage bags, many wise Mamas have traded their old containers in exchange for ours. 


Here’s why:

1. Has an ideal capacity for one feeding

Our breast milk storage bag holds up to 120 ml — which is just the right amount for one feeding session. This is the best size for a storage bag since it is not advisable to store milk again once it has been thawed.

2. Has an Advanced Oxygen Barrier to maintain breast milk quality

Retaining breast milk nutrients is one of the most critical factors in successfully storing breast milk. This is why it is essential to go for ones with high-quality materials, such as Advanced Oxygen Barriers.

With this, you can be assured that the formulation of your milk will remain intact even after you have refrigerated or frozen it for extended periods

3. Made from BPA-free material

Another thing that you should consider when looking at the materials of your breast milk storage bags is whether or not it is made from BPA-free materials.

Unfortunately, there are instances where small bits and pieces of the breastmilk storage bag will get mixed with the milk, which your baby will eventually consume. 

It is essential to go for bags made from non-toxic and food-grade components. 

4. Has a spout for easy pouring

Mama's Choice Breastmilk Stroage Bags

Get a 40% Discount on Mama’s Choice Breast Milk Storage Bags | ₱249 ₱149

Aside from its commendable materials, we also pay close attention to the design of our storage bags. Spillage is one of the main issues for Mamas who store breast milk.

After all your efforts in collecting, storing,  and thawing the milk, it will be frustrating to see some of it go to waste.

Unlike the common breastmilk storage bags available these days, ours has a specialized spout that would ensure easy transfer to their feeding bottles.

5. Has a double-zipper seal


Speaking of spillage, can you imagine the horror of discovering that your stored milk it’s all over your refrigerator or freezer? Unfortunately, this is a reality for many Mamas using regular breastmilk storage bags.

This is why we have designed a double-zipper seal on our bags to ensure that your breast milk is safely contained at all times.

6. Has space for labels

One of the most basic rules of storing breast milk is to properly label the bags depending on the date and time of the milk collection. This helps Mamas keep track of which milk to give the baby first.

On top of this, labelling is also an efficient way to identify whether the milk is safe for the baby’s consumption.

Other Mamas use specialized label makers or DIY tricks to label their bags. On the other hand, our bag already has a built-in date and time area.

With this, all you need is a marker to keep track of your collected breast milk.

7. Easy to store


Once you have a stock of collected milk, storing everything inside your refrigerator or freezer can be quite challenging. This is especially true if you travel and need to place everything safely inside your baby bag.

One of the advantages of our breastmilk storage bag is that it can stand on its own, making it easier to store than other bags on the market today.

On top of this, it will not spill even if you store it laid flat.

With this versatility, you will have more options on how you want to store the bags — whether at home or on the road.

Now is the Time to Use Mama-Approved Breast Milk Storage Bags

Now is the time to let go of storage bags that may eventually waste your breast milk! For up to 40% off, you can now enjoy the Mama’s Choice Breast Milk Storage Bag.

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Mama's Choice Breastmilk Storage Bags

Get a 40% Discount on Mama’s Choice Breast Milk Storage Bags | ₱249 ₱149

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