How To Pick The Best Postpartum Corset? Look For These 5 Things

After giving birth, a woman’s body changes, especially around the waist area and down. New mamas need all the support they can get, and a postpartum corset can help you both for aesthetic and practical reasons.

Corsets support swollen ovaries that come postpartum and help shrink them back to standard size. They also help relieve back pain after delivering your little one.

A postpartum corset also helps in binding the muscles, uterus, and other organs to help them return to pre-pregnancy size and position. If you have loose and floppy skin, it can also do the trick in tucking them in.

Now, if you’re keen to use a postpartum corset, there are a few things you should look out for before you take the shopping plunge!

How to choose the best postpartum corset?

1. Comfortable fit


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When buying a corset, make sure to choose the correct size. A suitable corset must make you feel slimmer and compress your belly without feeling like your breathing is restricted. Some girdles and waist trainers can leave you bruises if they’re too tight.

A common mistake would be buying a corset that’s too small for your size. Not only will it feel uncomfortable, but it will also be counter-productive.

2. Breathability

Corsets of good material are vital so the wearer can feel comfortable wearing them. A suitable corset will not make you feel stuffy and sweaty whenever you use it.

3. Quality


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It pays to buy a good quality corset. Consider a well-made corset a significant investment. Aside from comfortability, make sure that it is durable.

A good corset will not easily tear off or loosen. Plus, choosing a corset made of natural fibers that are kind to the skin is a must instead of manufactured fibers that tend to be itchy and uncomfortable.

4. Style

Some corsets are designed to be easier to conceal so they can be worn under clothes. However, some clothes are also a bit bulkier, making them more suitable for wear at home or under loose dresses.

5. Function


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Get the corset that will suit your needs. If you’re looking for a postpartum corset, it should be adjustable so you can track your progress and minimize the need to buy a new one every time your belly shrinks.

When choosing the best corset available in the market, Mama’s Choice Postpartum Adjustable Corset ticks all five things to look out for, as mentioned above. In addition, our postpartum corset helps shrink your abdomen area so you can achieve a flatter stomach without back pain! 

Aside from that, here are more things we like about this corset:

  • Effectively helps in slimming the abdomen and waist area
  • It helps in reducing back pain
  • It helps compress the uterus to its pre-pregnancy size
  • Velcro closure to adjust the tightness
  • It can also be used by individuals experiencing back pain

What are you waiting for? Get on your way to a slimmer postpartum body today!

Mama's Choice Postpartum Adjustable Corset

Get a 20% Discount on Mama’s Choice Postpartum Adjustable Corset | ₱949 ₱759 | Buy on Shopee | Buy on Lazada


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