Pregnancy Style: When To Start Wearing Maternity Clothes

Wondering when to buy maternity wear or if you need them? Get to know the telltale signs to start wearing maternity clothes and when i t’s time to update your wardrobe to accommodate your baby bump.

Upon finding out that you’re pregnant, your attention would immediately focus on listing down things your newborn needs. But it’s also essential to set your sights first on your pregnancy journey ahead.

As an expecting mom, your body will go through various changes, and naturally, that will include your body shape and size. This is where the need for maternity clothes comes in. If you’re wondering when you should start jumping into maternity wear, here are some things you should know to guide you as you embrace your growing baby bump.

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When To Shop For Maternity Clothes?

There is no one size fits all rule when pinpointing the exact month or trimester when a pregnant woman should start wearing maternity clothes. However, the guiding principle would be based on comfort. As soon as your pre-pregnancy clothes feel tight on you, it’s a good time to start giving your wardrobe an update.

As parenting and health writer Sherri Gordon points out, pregnant women are advised not to opt for tight clothing. “Aside from feeling restricted, constricting garments also can lead to a host of issues. For instance, wearing something tight while pregnant can cause pain in different parts of the body,” Gordon wrote for Verywell Family .

Feel your growing belly

Given this, the rate at which your baby bump will grow is among the main factors when starting to shop for maternity clothes. Below is an estimated timeline of how the uterus increases typically in size throughout pregnancy, according to medical website :

  • Twelve weeks (end of the first trimester): The uterus has reached the top of your pubic bone.
  • Fourteen weeks: The uterus is about 2 inches above the bone.
  • Sixteen weeks: Uterus is already halfway between your pubic bone and your belly button.
  • 20 weeks: It has reached your belly button

Beyond 20 weeks, your uterus will continue to expand, and your baby bump will begin “showing.”

However, it’s important to note that not all pregnancies are the same. Some Mamas will notice significant changes in their bodies as soon as the first trimester, others not until the last leg of the pregnancy. There is also the matter of each individual’s style preferences in clothing.

“Because of differences in body shapes, pre-pregnancy weight, and pre-pregnancy clothes styles, some women may not begin to feel uncomfortable in their clothes until after 16 weeks,” Dr. Vilma Ruddock explains in an article.

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She adds, “If you are overweight or obese before pregnancy, or you tend to carry more weight around your belly, you may not “show” as early as someone with a thinner torso. However, overweight women tend to gain more weight than thinner women during pregnancy because of eating habits.”

Other pregnancy symptoms to consider

Bloating and weight gain from water retention are some of the early pregnancy symptoms that can make women uncomfortable from the get-go of the pregnancy. This may then indicate that it’s high time to purchase maternity clothing that is looser than the ones you are wearing before having a baby.

Besides your belly, breast growth is average during pregnancy due to the increased production of estrogen and progesterone. As your pregnancy progresses, you may need more expansive tops and bras with larger cups.

Dr. Ruddock suggests using maternity bras, which “have multiple rows of hooks for extending the width as your chest circumference grows.”

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