What’s the Best Face Moisturizer for Pregnant Mamas?

Having all kinds of moisturizers available is both a blessing and a curse. Sure, there’s plenty of variety to choose from. But on the other hand, that makes it hard to narrow down the best face moisturizer for pregnant mamas. 

Luckily for you, we’re here to help. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect product to hydrate your skin:

How to Choose the Best Face Moisturizer for Pregnant Mamas

As a rule of thumb, the right moisturizer should:

1. Be Suitable for Your Skin Type

What's the best moisturizer for pregnant mamas

A moisturizer that does wonders for one mama’s skin may have a completely opposite effect on yours. Remember, there are products designed specifically for a particular skin type. If you have oily skin, you should avoid moisturizers intended for dry skin and vice-versa.

2. Feel Good When It’s Applied to Your Face

Besides skin type, the moisturizer’s texture is another factor to consider. Do you want a heavy cream or a gel-type product?

You have to think about the climate here in the Philippines as well. A thick moisturizer may feel too sticky and greasy on your face, especially during the peak of summer.  

3. Smell Pleasant…or Have No Scent at All

What's the best moisturizer for pregnant mamas

It’s downright necessary to pick a moisturizer with a smell you can stand when you have a sensitive nose. It might even be best to go for one with no scent at all since fragrances can irritate your skin. Your sense of smell can also change as an effect of your pregnancy.

Take a whiff of the product before buying if you can. But if you’re shopping online, read reviews describing the scent. Check the list of ingredients to be safe, too. 

4. Be Allergy-Tested and Non-Comedogenic 

While we’re on the subject of reading the labels, it’s also smart to look for a moisturizer that’s allergy-tested and non-comedogenic (aka won’t clog your pores). You’ll be less likely to have an adverse reaction if the product has those labels.

If you’re a pregnant mama, you’ll need to go one step further and see to it that the moisturizer won’t harm the little one in your belly. The same thing goes when you’re breastfeeding. 

Bonus: SPF

Some people have a 7-step skincare regimen. Others have even more. You may not have that luxury when you’re nearing your due date. So, if you want to simplify your morning routine, try finding a moisturizer that also has SPF.

You get to skip a step without sacrificing sun protection or skin hydration. 

The Holy Grail Face Moisturizer You’ve Been Looking For

Mama using Mama's Choice Daily Protection Face Moisturizer

Where can you find a moisturizer that ticks off all those boxes? Introducing Mama’s Choice Daily Protection Face MoisturizerWe don’t exaggerate when we say it’s one of the best face moisturizers for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas.

Thanks to star ingredients like rice extract and hyaluronic acid, it brightens and nourishes all skin types. It also doubles as a mineral sunscreen to protect you from the sun’s harsh rays. This moisturizer is also guaranteed safe for your baby.

Grab one for yourself at Shopee or Lazada today!

Best Moisturizer for Pregnant Mamas


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