Tips To Teach Kids Good And Proper Hygiene Habits

Teaching your kids good and proper hygiene habits is one of the most important things to help them remain strong and healthy.

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Aside from guiding kids to develop good values and attitudes, teaching them good and proper hygiene should be a priority for all parents.

What is the significance of personal hygiene? Our health is based on how well we take care of our body, including cleanliness. Many health disorders and diseases are linked to poor hygiene habits, so it’s essential to establish good and proper hygiene habits to ensure our kids grow healthy and strong.

Keep reading to know the basics of encouraging good hygiene habits in kids.

Why Good And Proper Hygiene Is Important Among Kids

Harmful germs and bacteria are everywhere, at school, parks, malls, or even at home. Children are exposed to dirt and dust, which contain infection-causing germs. With kids tending to put their hands and almost everything they come in contact with into their mouth, it risks contracting a variety of ailments and infections. Personal hygiene habits can be taught to prevent this.

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Benefits Of Having Good And Proper Hygiene

With good personal hygiene comes overall positive health. If your kids practice proper hygiene, they:

1. Are kept away from germs and bacteria causing illnesses and diseases.

2. Learn and appreciate healthy body image. Being clean and presentable undoubtedly also increases a person’s confidence!

3. Improve mental health. Yes, not only do they become healthy physically, but also emotionally and mentally. It reflects the saying, “when you look good, you also feel good.”

Teaching the basics of hygiene practices is a good starting point to instill to children the value of taking care of themselves. This is vital in maintaining good mental health.

3 Easy Tips To Encourage Kids To Practice Good And Proper Hygiene Habits

Start them young, as they say. Here are tips on how parents can guide their children to be hygienic.

1. Explain the importance of proper hygiene.

Rather than simply telling your children to wash their hands or brush their teeth, explain why you’re asking them to do so and why it’s crucial that they do so as well.

The basic concept they can grasp is knowing what is good and bad. The more kids understand the benefits of proper hygiene and the consequences of not practicing it, the easier it is for the habit to stick.

You can also start breaking down to them the concept of germs and bacteria. Tell children how germs can be caught on them and what happens if they don’t wash them off. When children have a greater understanding of something, they are more likely to do it. Make sure you stress the need for hygiene, but not to the point that they develop a fear of it.

2. Be a good role model

As the saying goes, “practice what you preach.” As tiny humans, children intrinsically follow what their parents do. Create a hygiene routine that you and your children can follow and do together.

The more they see you making good and proper hygiene habits, the more they are inspired to follow suit.

3. Make hygiene practices fun and enjoyable.

When something is enjoyable and makes them active, kids remember it better. Avoid making hygiene a dreaded subject for kids or making it feel like a chore.

You can try using various methods to teach kids about personal cleanliness, such as games and engaging activities. Some also turn to catchy songs when brushing teeth or taking a bath.

One Montesorri approach is dedicating a mini self-care station for the kids. This features a tiny but working sink and an area where the kids can easily reach for toiletries.

Where To Begin, What To Teach First

1. Body hygiene for kids

Body hygiene entails keeping every area of your body clean in order to maintain your health and appearance. Taking care of the skin, hair, hands, and feet is part of good body hygiene habits.

Make sure to teach kids the following:

  • Taking a bath regularly
  • Teach children how to clean their hands, armpits, legs, feet, back, and arms, among other body parts. Demonstrate how to do this properly, then give them time to practice
  • Ensure using ample soap for bathing and shampoo for the hair. Pat dry the body afterward
  • Wiping their sweat off during playtime
  • Encourage children not to share personal things like towels, hairbrushes, and pillows
  • Regularly wash hands and clean and trim their nails
  • Always wear clean clothes and underwear

2. Oral hygiene

  • Brushing of teeth three times a day
  • When brushing, make sure to clean not just the teeth but also the gums and tongue
  • After brushing, spit excess toothpaste instead of gargling with water
  • Floss the teeth regularly
  • Explain the importance of visiting the dentist

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Your children are more prone to sickness if they have poor personal hygiene. However, this does not have to be the case. By implementing the personal hygiene routines outlined above, you can keep your children healthy and free of bacteria-causing sickness.

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